What would make a guy curious about an ex? And make him reconsider his decision of breakup?

What would make a guy curious about an ex he dumped? what would make him wonder about her as in what she's upto? And maybe want to reach out to her?

If there are are any other answers please add!
what do you guys think?
  • When the girl deletes and blocks him on social media
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  • When she deactivates her social media and dissapear
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  • Indifference just continue living the way she used to before breakup
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  • Going out/ posting pics enjoying life
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  • Sex... thats pretty much it. If she's DTF, he'll reconsider momentarily... until after the deed is done.
    If he dumped her, its done... its quite rare to get a guy back completely after you were dumped. No point trying. Women aren't willing to do what it takes... probably why she was dumped in the first place.

    • No we never had sex and we decided we wanted to wait until marriage. He fought before too and after a month of nc he came back saying sorry and to take him back. I took him back and he was ready to get married to me. Then he lied about few things to get rid of me and now we haven't talked in 2 months after the break up he's playing mind games online. Stalking and all. So I was curious to know how would I make him reach out to me?

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    • Well
      No, he wanted to wait until marriage and so did I. Plus he said he thinks sex is only for reproduction. I found that very strange so i asked him if he was asexual
      Or gay and he said no and later gave me some bs reason and broke up with me. He met me in person told me it's done for good. Now he's playing mind games online blocking and unblocking me sending
      Add request on fb through fake profiles... I don't know why he's doing that.. it's confusing me. Is he ever going to reach out?

    • Buy him a plant or a blow-up doll. someone is confused. Or maybe he looks at you like a piece of meat.

  • If he saw a stripper that kinda resembles her.


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