Why did he do this?

So last night my ex who has been trying to win me back went to a girls 18th birthday party. We had just a fight yesterday morning. Anyways he came into my work yesterday afternoon while i was working, he knows he's not allowed to come in while I'm working because i feel unsafe when he is there. Anyways i sent him a message after work yesterday telling him that he is to stay away from me and my work while im working and the next time he comes in he will be told to leave. He replied back and then replied back, i then receive a message from the girl whos party it was threatening me and calling me names i replied back to her telling her to stay out mine and my exes business a few hours later i get message from his phone and its of him kissing another girl with the caption saying bitch can't you see he's happy without you. I then get told that he's already gone and fucked her. By now i am receiving phone calls from them all threatening me and my family all because i left my ex because he was abusive to me and because i wasn't jealous that he was with another chick. My question is if he wanted me back so badly then why did he go hook up with another girl the same day as i had officially called things off with him? What was he trying to complish?


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  • Why do you care? Block all these people from your life. Seriously get some counseling. No need to be so obsessed with people who hurt and abuse you. Get help.


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