Girlfriend broke up with me after a year and 6 months after while on a couples trip. What do I do now?

My girlfriend is 23 about to graduate college and I'm 25 with a job and pursing another degree. girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me while we were on a trip together. we got back to our place, things got awkward for me. She acted if nothing happened and wanted space, independent and friends. This shook me hard as I begun acting resentful and ignored her when I could. I soon began flirting with other women and escorts (mistake) one night she went through my phone and saw all my conversations with them. She acted furious and said she never wanted to associate with me again. I told her it was her breaking up with me that made me act the way I acted, irrational. It was a form of infactuation to fill the happiness I lost. I never met anyone or lay hands on any other women, it was all text messages. Next morning feeling terrible, I moved out. After a week not talking, told her everything I could to get her back with no regrets (another mistake). She replied. We talked it out until 3 am.
Things started to be okay again as far as resentment towards me gone. every time I ignored her for a couple of days, she would text me back or call me and ask why am I acting like this. Valentine's Day was mutual. I took her out and got her things she always wanted. Everything was normal as if nothing happened. When I texted her she say stop being clingy, when I ignore her she texts me about random stuff as if we were together. it blew up more when her friend sent her a screen shot of a datin profile that I haven't used since it came out and assumed I have been talking to multiple women when I have been trying to work things with her. I found out she haven't forgiven me from what happened last month with other women. I told her one last text explaining, no regrets.
She texts me back saying she cares about me still and appreciate everything I have done but she needs space rn and doesn't think she will get back with me. I am giving the space she wants so much. What should I do everyone?
So I was strolling through my twitter when I came across her saying “When you feel like not doing anything all day… :/” then 30 minutes later says “I guess this is the end, it was bittersweet.” I know I shouldn’t have but I did cause I had nothing else to lose and wanted to keep the door open. I texted her saying hope you had a good weekend and she still sent resentful words and I could just sense it because I know her. She was still mad at me for the dating app that I never used.
So what I did was prove to her I never downloaded the app so I sent a screen shot of the app and it still said “Get” meaning I never downloaded it. I wish I sent that when the fiasco happened but I wasn’t thinking right. Then she says “whats the point of all of this. Do you want to get back with me. I thought I told you how I feel.”


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  • Do just that... give her space. Stop contacting her, break off all ties and make sure she knows that the only instance that she can talk to you is if she wants to go back and then you will CONSIDER it. Don't let anyone walk over you. You've told this girl how you feel and don't forget that she was the one who originally walked away from you. You did nothing wrong whatsoever. All I see is you chasing her and going after her while she said she's not really into it.

    • Thank for your input. I will continue to do just that cut communication altogether. It's only been a couple of days but I know it's going to be the only way for her to realize what she lost.

    • Absolutely! You just do it. They will come back if they truly want to. Let them wonder and miss you. Don't quit it :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Look, from a relationship coaches perspective, you must back away. We teach people how to treat us by virtue of what we expect and what we accept. You can't accept this inconsistency from her. Besides, the closer you linger to the possibility of you and her, the more you'll drive yourself crazy.

  • What is wrong with you? She broke up with you, not just that, AFTER you did something to strengthen you as a couple. Fuck that hoe. Im not a fan of the escort part, but move on sir and talk to other women. She had it good, and she screwed it up over minor shit.. let her roll in the regret... you on the other hand go find another woman who will appreciate your efforts.
    I'd stop talking to her totally... she broke up with you... she has no right to say anything about what you do next. Stop being her patsy.

    • Thanks for your input. It's crazy the types of decisions you make when you are trapped in this box of confusion, frustration, love and lust. I was in this box. I learned my lessons and I am better man. But yes I have stopped talking to her for a few days and will continue doing so

    • good for you mate. I know its not the easiest thing so im not gonna sound like one of those morons that go "just leave them"... there are other factors involved.
      But she can't keep playing peek a boo with your heart...

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