What do guys think about during a period of no contact from their long term girlfriend that he's hoping to get back together with?


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  • I'm not sure. I'm not into the whole no contact thing. We are either together or not. No break, no contact bullshit is allowed.

    I would imagine he is thinking of you and how to make things better if he gets a chance to get back with you.

    • I'm not usually either but he did something very hurtful to me and I needed a little time to figure out what to do in our relationship, we haven't broken up.

  • I think that there's a Brazilian music that expresses what I'd fell, here's the translation what is says below:

    Today I'm going out to drink, today I'm not okay
    My battery is dying, good bye social life

    If you wanna find me I'm at the same bar on the main avenue
    Sitting alone at the table waiting for my heart to stop missing you
    Or waiting for someone come to pull a chair and console me
    But it's taking too long, I'm drinking the seventh shot and ordering the 8th with no ice
    To see if I can get rid of 1/3 of you from me

    And the part of you that's left will come with me
    And I'll leave a little of it at each table I sit, each shot I drink, each mouth I kiss
    I may take long, but I'll still stop loving you


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