Will No Contact Work in my Case?

So, my ex and I have been dating for 3 years. Around 4 months ago I fell into a deep depression. I became bored with our relationship. I had always been the one that made plans and fun, so when I wasn't, she got clingy and angry at me. When she would get angry that I wasn't being myself and loving her, I'd just be pushed away more because I didn't want to deal with it. Eventually she left, a little more than a month ago. And for the first three weeks, I didn't contact her. I was cold. But eventually I got over my depression, and learned that I made a mistake. I am still in love with her. I want her back so badly. So. Last week we spent a bunch of time together. Went out and did things we never had. I treated her like I used to. It was great. But part of her still wasn't there. So on Monday she told me she wanted to be single, have some time to think, and wasn't IN love with me. So I told her I need to move on with my life. Will no contact work in this situation? I pushed her away originally, and she didn't try to come back. But now that I'm new and improved, maybe NC will work?


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  • I'm sure the no contact thing will help you both yes. However, I don't think it'll help the relationship get back together, as that time spent apart made her realize her true feelings for you, which is better she did sooner than later.
    As for the relationship in whole, I am sorry but it doesn't sound like it was very equal. Her lack of effort to plan things for you both, and her needing that attention and getting angry with you when you were going through something emotionally, that's not right. She should have been by your side, even if you didn't contact her she could have made the effort to contact you and help you through the depression.

    I believe the no contact thing will be best. It'll help her move on and help you grow and give you time to work on finding that happiness in your life again. Depression can disappear for a while, but chances are it'll come back and reoccur in your life. We're all different, however getting help for depression is something you really should do.
    Don't be concerned about someone who isn't in love with you. Instead focus your time on yourself, getting your mental and emotional health back to a healthy state and grow further as a person.

    Let her go, and you move onward. That's the best advice I can give you.
    I hope things work out for your behalf no matter what happens.


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