My ex-girlfriend (19YO) broke up after 2 years and went with a guy (30YO) after 3 weeks but still loves me. What do I do now?

My ex-girlfriend left me after 2 years of relationship. I'm 22 years old. It was our first real relationship, I was a virgin and same for her.

I had bad habits of takeing her remarks too personal because I didn't have a self esteem. I've never been violent with her or anything, just being too harsh with my words. She started to have feelings for a coworker of 30 years old and left me because she didn't wanted to cheat on me.

She's afraid of her choice and tells me that she still loves me, that she's afraid of doing that to the man of her life, but that she wants to be with the guy. That one day, maybe, we will be again together but that I need to focus on myself and be happy without her. We've seen each other twice and we talked, we both cried (mostly me) and she was drying my tears. I want her back because in my head, in my mind and in my hearth, they all want her. I've gave her flowers and a letter, apologizeing for everything I've done, I've even put my knee on the ground saying that I was sorry. She was really shy.

She still sleeps with my t-shirts, having all of my stuff at her house and same for her stuff at mine. We don't want to give the stuff to each other because it will hurts too much. I'm already working on myself, for me and for not hurting anyone I love but mostly because I want me and her back together. We've both admit that we CAN'T leave each other behind and acting like we didn't know each other because it would hurt too much.

About the guy: He's a 30 years old dude who live with roommates. He's a guy who slept with almost everyone he finds because he's affraid of being alone and wants everyone to love him. He works in a grocery store, didn't go to college or anything. He's an assistant-manager. The thing is that I don't think it's gonna work because he does have way more experience than she does and she wants to go to college but he doesn't want to.

What I find weird is the fact that she kiss me on the cheek before leaving, each time.


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  • that guy is using her lol im sorry for thinking its funny but you guys are still young and she is confused the guy is taking advantage of that. for him to say he loves her is a full on lie and he knows that.

    he is old enough to know love is more than just saying it and being physical. hopefully she will come to her senses and not be confused by
    this older guy who is using her. but its not my place to say what to do or anything. i just call them how i see them. because i will be 50
    and know there is no reason to go so young unless your only going to play games for self gratification.

    she might think differently and he might say differently but i dont really see anything coming of it unless he begins acting her age to get her to identify with him or some mind trick. but it sounds like a twisted tail of some kind thats for sure.

    • I kissed her last time, she didn't pushed me because ''she was in shocked''. She after that said ''theres nothing like a last kiss''. But after that she felt like she cheated on him and felt ''dirty''. I dunno why she still sleeps with my t-shirts, kiss me on the cheek or do anything like that. Maybe because she wants to do more but can't. I love her and she loves me, but she wants to be with him...

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    • oh well i can message you i guess but maybe you can message when you get enough exp. ?

    • Yeah, try to message me please !

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