Guys, guys if you break up with a girl do you miss her eventually?

this guy i was dating said he didn't want to break up.. but then today he broke up with me because he thinks it's "for the best as we are better as friends"
i gave him good morning texts, supported him when he needed it, someone to confide in, motivation when he needed it etc.

do guys miss a girl they break up with, and if so when does the initial missing them happen?
is it immediate like us girls or is it a little bit later, or not at all.

i guess i am asking because i hope he realises what he lost. i am a nice girl i don't deserve the sht i get.


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  • 1. You can rarely break up and just return to being friends. Most peoples hearts are not that pliable.

    2. When I have broken up with women, I start missing them before the breakup. However, that doesn't mean that I will go back to them. I know that what I miss is the good parts of what we had but, if I go back to her, I will get both the good part and the bad part. That didn't work the first time and it won't work if we try a second time.

    3. I will accept the statement that you are a nice girl and you deserve better. This guy is showing you what kind of person he is. If you want someone better than him, you've got to find someone else, because he's not going to change for you.

    • so if he can be friends with me after breaking up with me he clearly didn't care as much as he said he did? right? what an asshat

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    • I hope you have better luck with the next guy!

    • me too =/ getting a bit of a joke now meeting guys who just want to hurt me. I am proper loving and people love to take advantage of that. i dunno how else to be but it keeps getting me fked over lol well thank you anyway xx

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  • Trust me, unless she did something really, REALLY fucked up, we do miss her. When it hits us depends on the person, but it usually hits us, and it hits hard

    • but when lol does it take a few days for a guy to realise he misses someone or?

  • It's over permanently and completely and you will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. He wanted out. Get over it and him and get on with your life without him

  • Well if guys are attracted and are 100% in the relatipnship it can take upto 4 weeks to hit them, it hits them when girls are over guys. Its strange. If your any less than 100 my apologies but guys won't miss girls

  • Yeah even though we did the breaking up there is always some feelings for awhile


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