What is going on in his head? Is he mixed up or a loss of love? PLEASE help?

Me and my boyfriend were together for a year. Very deeply and madly in love with each other. We have been having little fights lately but absolutely nothing extreme, we have always had little disagreements I feel it's normal and healthy. Anyway, we had an argument in relation to sex, which he was very offended over, however it was blown out of context and he admits this. He said the comment slightly changed his feeling... Which made me PANIC as he never ever led me before to believe there was anything wrong in our relationship. He then said he needed headspace. I said I don't do headspace, we are together or we aren't, he then said headspace or we are finished so I said fine we are done. I didn't contact him. I then did a few days later (drunk) looking for closure. He was SO mad at me for not contacting him, going to see him, trying to resolve things, which I found bizarre cause he wanted 'headspace'. He said we were still together, he loved me and wanted me and cared and everything would be fine. He said he did need a few days though as his head was all over the place. I gave him space. We were meant to meet up and spend time together when he suggested I go see my friends and he would see me later, I got paranoid feeling he didn't want to see me (as I was feeling very imsecure) when he said his head was still very all over the place. He said he was having doubts, he feels drained and numb and that he loves me and wants me but his head is too all over the place. I said this is 8 days, I need to know, it isn't fair, he admitted it wasn't fair and said right now this isn't a good time as he can't think straight, he said he loves and adores me but it's a bad time and not fair to me, that he needs some time to figure his head out and that we will speak soon. I said no I'm moving on with my life. I tried so hard for 8 days, people know what they want. I just feel devastated. Will he eventually feel all of this, is emotion making him feel numb, or does he just not care?


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  • he sounds confused


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