Do I go back with my ex?

my ex is a few years younger then me and I'm 23 and she was an amazing woman when we first dated but then we kept fighting about stupid shit like she got mad about my clothes or that I lost a few jobs and when I lost a job or didn't say something that fit in with her views she would break up with me and I was her first, so I'm confused, I broke up with her because I couldn't handle the break up shit, and she said to me that she broke up with me because I chose to go to a meeting that was very important to me, she moved on and then I reached out to her to tell her I miss her and she has done nothing but hurt me and say some of the rudest shit possible, what do i do?


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  • Buddy you are so sweet and good. Girls like those are stupid... to be honest. I mean they want their guy to be with them all the time. That's not possible.
    Leave her. Find a girl who understands you well. Your ex fights on little things... and your clothes... seriously? If a girl genuinely likes a guy she will never change a single thing about the guy because she loves or likes him the way he is.


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