Will my ex read my letter?

I recently returned a shirt that belonged to my ex and stuck a letter inside. It wasn't a letter bashing him or begging for him back, but apologizing for the way I acted and some of the things that I said the last day we saw each other. I explained that I was simply hurt and angry that day and out of line, that that wasn't something I wanted to be the last thing I said to anyone much less someone I used to care about. I told him it was probably for the best that he isn't in my life right now, but that I didn't want to leave things on such bad terms because you never know when you'll cross paths with someone again. I then wished him a happy birthday and hoped he was doing well and that was the end of the letter. Do you think he will read it (less than a page long)? What will he think when he reads it?


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  • I see all these posts about EXes... Why does my ex not like me? This and that about an ex... should we get back together...

    An EX means.. in the past. In my life, after any break up, an EX is out of my mind. I move on almost immediately and never think of, try to contact, check up on, etc...

    Breakups happen for a reason...

    I'm not talking about someone who moved away... I'm talking about relationships that ended due to cheating, abuse, incompatibility and such...

    Who CARES about an EX? Who cares about what an EX thinks of them?

    Then "breaks"... what's that all about? all this is is an admission you can't commit in a relationship. Taking a vacation from a relationship isn't going to fly.

    ALSO... getting back together after a breakup.. or chasing someone to get back together... sorry folks, the same issues are gonna be there.

    This "closure" What's that about? No such thing... So what? It's over.. there is your closure.

    Move on... where you found one guy/gal, there will always be more.

    He's just one in a long line of exes in your life.

  • If he feels it, it's likely he'll read it. If it gets washed, it might not survive.

    How he feels isn't something any of us can tell you. Overall though, that was pretty big of you to do, so here's to hoping he sees that

    • It was on bright yellow printer paper sticking out of the neck of the shirt... he definitely won't miss it. I was just worried he might immediately crumple it up and throw it away when he realized it was from me. But you think curiosity will at least get him to read it?

    • It's likely.

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  • He will readnit striclty out of curiosity.


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