Attraction Is Not Reciprocated?

I have been with my partner for several months now, an I find that I've lost or never even had chemistry with them. In the beginning, I did not notice them as a potential partner, but when they asked me to be, I feared their disappointment so I accepted. Once we started dating, I found it hard to make conversations. When we would show affection, I did it as a chore to keep them happy. It seemed overwhelming and suffocating. Is there somehow I can bring excitement or attraction into the relationship? My partner has done nothing wrong and had been wonderfully dedicated and caring, but I cannot bring myself to be happy...


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  • Point being?

    • How can I make the relationship come to have a mutual feeling? What can I do to reciprocate their feelings to me without parting ways?

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    • Because attraction has to be organic.. being a good person is not enough. you need


      and the ability to stimulate each other to get to that point and keep it for years to come... Being a good person... I've been on both sides... is not enough and you'll be miserable

      --> also it's not fair to him, he deserves a girl that feels thrilled and ecstatic and so in love and you deserve the same. If you don't feel that you are missing out on a big part of what love really is

    • I truly wish I could be that person for them, but I have no idea how to tell them that I'm not. You are completely true and brutally honest about everything. Our conversations, I sense, are strained and we run out of things to speak about. I see how their other female friends act and they're so much more relaxed. I don't know how to be better for then.

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