Guys, My boyfriend for two years left me for his "best friend", I'm baffled. I know I need to move on, but is there any way I can get him back?

My ex has a very close knit best friends group, two of them never liked me at all.
Me and my ex had a great understanding both physically and mentally. But gradually he got busy with his internship in med school, I got busy with my dissertation and stuff, we met once a week which was never an issue. Those two friends of his created constant nuisance, even though they stayed abroad. Repeated problems kind of created a distance b/w us, which when I realized tried to mend, but he wasn't interested. Then I got to know those two want him to be with this girl who he is currently with.
I asked him a number of times whether there is anything b/w them, he went on denying saying she is with someone else and that he never had that much in common with her. They were going out to shop or some other places with friends for the last few months. But I always overlooked it because being skeptical is not my forte, more so because I trusted him totally. In the last one month things accelerated.
Until recently, when he stopped talking or taking any initiative to communicate with me when I had to make him admit that something is wrong in the relationship, I sought help from one of his friends who put the thought of breaking up into his head and after that he became totally desperate to break up with me. He didn't even give me a reason at first, then he came up with all crappy reasons which would never have been an issue for us. And then this came to light. I am shattered.


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  • He can't think for him self obviously, maybe you're are better off, seems like he was lying to you more than you know

    • Every person who ever knew us are left shocked with this incident, which includes his co-interns to my friends. I mean, how is it possible to fall for a "best friend" whom he knows for years so randomly, and completely forget about me in a matter of few months?

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    • Is there any way I can get him back? :/

    • That's hard to know, maybe if you talk to his other friends to help you but don't know if that will work

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