I regret removing my ex from all my social media. Should I have done that?

I removed him from twitter snap insta etc... but now I'm seriously regretting it because he can't see me and miss me and watch how good I look or how happy I am without him. I know it's childish but I still wanted him to miss me :/ ugh! Pretty stupid but I can't help it. Anyone have any advice to make me feel better?


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  • Won't he be more likely to miss you if he has no idea of what's going on in your life and never sees you? I think he'll miss you more this way. Won't he?

    • This is what I was wondering as well. But then the whole out of sight out of mind thing just makes me wonder. But who knows.

    • I have dated women who have disappeared completely, who have unfriended me but left privacy-locked social media profiles with telling profile pictures (minimal information), and women I have remained friends with on Facebook, or who were friends but re-friended me.

      The ones who remain friends, it is like they never left. What's more is that it is easy to remember why we're no longer dating, and when I see them with other guys, I think "oh good."

      The one with the minimal profile-pic locked-profile is not too different - I know what's going on with her life. I understand why we're not together.

      The ones who disappear completely? They are frozen in the time we were together. I remember them only as part of a couple with me, and so I miss them the most.

      If my experience is normal, I think you are best off if the idea is to make him wonder about you and miss you.

    • Thanks for the MHO! :)

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  • Your ex is your ex. What you do now is no longer his business. You're moving on from him, so stop worrying that you needed the opportunity to get revenge by proving that you don't need him. Because you unblocking him will tell him a different message: that you miss him and want him back. Don't do this for him. You block him for yourself. If you do unblock him, you make sure you only do so when you already deleted his access to your account and yoyr certain that he will not contact you again. You don't need him knowing about your business.

    • Trust me, I know how right you are! And I didn't want to block him but I did it for myself. I couldn't handle seeing him everyday on my phone. But the childish part of me wants him to see me and miss me. I need to get over it lol just can't quite yet

    • Well, your gonna have to. Otherwise it will be a neverending fight with yourself. Never put your feelings in a rational decision. It will cause problems you will readily regret.

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  • Removing your ex makes them miss you even more. You shouldn't worry about the past and just worry about the future

    • I hope! And you're so right? m, but for me it's easier said than done at this moment. Yuck, I know!

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  • A guy needs to realize on his own he misses you. Having you there in front of him on Insta and FB and whatnot will NOT make him miss you. The absence of you and the mystery around can. Also, you need to accept it's over. Like for real. There's NO point in being on social media constantly aware of your ex and how he sees you and if he misses you etc. It's for the best to delete them and move ON.

    • All true! I guess I think that because the last time we talked he said he was having a hard time seeing my pictures and snaps. But obviously it wasn't bothering him that much because he never wanted to reconcile. But when he said that to me it at least gave me that much pleasure in knowing it bothered him. And that's not cause I want to cause him pain it's only because I thought he didn't give two shits. So hearing that made me feel a little better. But I chose to block him anyway. For my own sanity!

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    • @archiz Yes it's a long time. I invested so much into it and he was my best friend. But his loss, not mine :) My last words to him were "good luck finding a girl like me" lolz.

    • ayeeeee
      well said/

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