How to pursue her?

There's a girl I like but I am not sure how to "chase" after her. During the last two months of the school year we got to know each other more(she initiated contact with me actually via Facebook; did not really know her before), we have studied together twice for 2 big exams (first time by chance, second time she asked if we could review together) and when she got a bad score on one of her exams, she IMed me saying she was really upset. I also asked her out to a casual dinner before and we had some fun talked, ate, talk about variety of subjects. Went to her room after to pick up some stuff she borrowed to study but ended up hanging out and talking for like 20 mins. She also told me some personal stuff about her (not like relationships or dating things). She also told me she is "sort of dating this guy but thinks he might not want to be in a relationship w/her"...he called her like 6 times when we were studying together and he was p*ssed and hung up on her. Now summer has started and we haven't really talked since...occasional Facebook wall post but she is like impossible to get a hold of. Never on AIM, and takes forever to respond Facebook wall posts. I really hope I haven't fallen "friends zone" w/her but I don't think I have. I don't want to come off too strong, but I heard girls like attention...I haven't talked to her on FB in a week or so...and haven't texted her since like the 11th. I really miss talking to her but I feel like now I am initiating contact every time whereas before sometimes she would IM me or text me and other times I would. Should I just "lay low" over summer? Or should I just send her some random text now and then?


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  • It might be she is busy. Don't wait. Taking initiative is a good chance. Don't have to be too bothered by who is taking initiative first. It's probably a waste of time if you keep waiting. If you like the person, make it happen. All the best!


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  • Before giving her more attention, you should make sure she likes you first, or you will come off as a creep..

    Ask her out, but don't put her on the spot when you do..

    eg. "Would you like to go out on a date, get dinner with me some time, don't answer right now, just think about it", then walk away.. and a week later come back and ask her again, without the "think about it"..


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