I'm afraid that my parents might get a divorce. I want to talk about it but?

I want to talk about it but... I'm too afraid. Afraid of what people will think about me. Do they think that I'm just trying to get attention, or will they think I'm making a mountain out of a mile hill, or will they get angry at me?

I heard that some get angry from others telling them that they're afraid that their parents might get a divorce. They get mad at them cause they don't know their problem of having divorced parents. I'm just too afraid to speak up and ask for help.

When i I talk to my dad, telling him that I'm afraid of them getting divorced, he said something like this, "I would've divorced your momma a long time ago if it wasn't for you and your brother." My daddy really cares about my brother and I. He also cares for my momma.

My momma, she talks bad about my dad behind his back. She talks about him to everyone. Whether it be my aunt, or a random stranger. She's also working longer to 'stay out of the house'. She doesn't trust my daddy. She wants him to run by every purchase by her before he buys it. Easily said that she doesn't trust him.

Then there's my siblings. 1 brother and 1 sister. I'm not sure of how a divorce would effect my older sister. She might try to get my brother and I into her custody. My brother... he may take it hard, any 11 year old would. I just know he will cry. He's very attached to both of our parents.

Myself on the other hand, I'm just gonna be an emotional wreck. I'm pretty distant to everyone. Even my own family. I just don't like burdening people with my problems. I'm afraid that a divorce will be me even more closed off and put me into a deeper state of depression.

Anyways, the question, after getting to know my family, is how do I talk to people about all my fears and worry of my parents getting divorced?

I'm sorry that this is such a stupid question, also I'm sorry that I made you read all of this. If you want, you can call me names in the comments. I don't care if you do that I'm used to being called names.


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What Guys Said 1

  • That seems to be a tricky situation you are in.

    In my opinion you will never know unless you ask but then again you either will not receive the answer you are hoping for or it might end different than they tell you.

    If I put myself in you shoes I would try to not be affected in the event of a divorce even though it would definitely hurt me too.
    But even if it comes to the worst event the situation might improve for the better for all of you.

    Anyways I wish you that your parents find back together so you do not have to worry about a divorce anymore.


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to talk to someone. Even a stranger on gag. Someone you think you can trust.

    One thing to remember, and your siblings too, is that this is not your fault. Your parents may no longer love or trust each other, but that should not change their love for you three children.

    Does your mum know she is hurting her children? Maybe you should tell her. Not only hurting your dad, but HER kids as well.

    • The 'it's not my fault' one may be a problem for me since I constantly beat myself up. I'm also afraid that they may talk bad about each other if they break up. I just know that my mom would. I'm not too sure about my dad. I'm not sure if she thinks what she's doing is hurting us. She's been reclusive for about a month, then expects everything to be the same when she gets back. She figures it not. Also back a few years, my dad was a truck driver and mostly on the road. That saying, neither of my parents were really 'in' my life. All the time we had to be baby sat by my sister, grandmother, great grandmother, and aunt.

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