Girls, How can I go about trying to repair this relationship in this situation?

I'm currently trying to repair a break up. She broke up with me a month ago, she was finishing a divorce that she originally filed for about 3 years ago. I know she was over her feelings for him, but not over the leaving of the father of her 4 kids. He was unfaithful to her for years with her own friend, she stayed in denial for a long time, so many times I don't think she communicated all of her feelings to me.

I realize it was too much, too soon, and even though she insists it's not my fault in any of it, I know it can't be her entirely. We saw and talked to each other too much, and looking back, I realize she wasn't taking much time to herself, it was me or her kids mostly, a night with her friends maybe once a month. I was supportive of her seeing her friends, but, having nothing to do, offered to come out overnight, since I live 75 miles away. I have been working on myself in the time weve been apart.

When she broke up with me, she said she doesn't feel that she can give anymore right now, that I deserve more. There was no begging to not end it, instead, I told her I understood she needed to work on things, and would give her more space. We got together a couple weeks later to talk, I suggested that we still go out on dates when we have time, let her work on herself, see how things go from there in the future. She knows I don't have the intent of being "just friends." She did agree, said if things are meant to be, they will be. I've given her a couple weeks since then, we've texted numerous times, but haven't seen each other. We are now discussing getting together this week for an evening.

I know many people will say to just move on, but I have good reason not to right now, I'm just trying to take things very slowly at the moment, she and I both are the same, we don't believe in seeing more than one person, and don't believe it is possible to be just friends with an ex. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  • she's needs time to find herself again after all she's been a wife and mother for years so now she's a single women ay be she wants to live abit not tired down again


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  • I feel you are handling things rather appropriately, for such a delicate situation. Slow and steady😀


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