Broken heart, help please.

After knowing I have liked him for three years and still do, he finally sent me a text saying he didn't feel the same. That was four months ago.

Ever since then, it's been a quick side hug or salute. We never talk anymore only if we see each other and it's now so awkward :(:(

I really miss his friendship! What can I do to make it not be awkward?



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  • There are a lot of web sites which will help you with this. it's a common question.



What Girls Said 1

  • first of all, have a sit down and talk about it

    tell him, even though you like him you won't pursue him and you understand that it's fine for him not to like you back

    and tell him things like you are pursuing someone else

    and tell him you like him too, and you guys can defintly be friends

    hope you the best really!

    I had a guy that I liked since I was 16 (i'm 24 now) and I told him I liked him and he didn't say it back (when I was 23), and we completely stopped talking, I cdan't reach him because I'm sure he blocked me off Facebook... and it is awkward because we grew up together and I have his entire family almost , as my friends on Facebook and his whole family was at my wedding... and my family is super tight with his... this sucks... I so wish we could be friends again but some times, some times it's just the way things go and I have to let go of that... and move on with my life.. again, good luck!


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