Does relationship sucks?___does Girls use men more that men use woman?

my ex just ditched me just a day after we went on a long drive by saying "byee I'm ex boyfriend just came back" after that I find love is stupid its just a chemical changes in your brain, its all about fulfilling your wants.😯


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  • Relationships only Suck if you're with the wrong person or with them for the wrong reasons. If someone would leave you that easily they clearly weren't the one for you.

    • thanks, but does it ever 2 u

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    • tks kitten fr your advice πŸ˜„, keep up the good work, here its midnight byee goodnight

    • Goodnight

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  • Relationship are more stressful than men because women often get into relationships for men to fix all their problems in life.

    Hence, why women are attracted to wealth and social status. Wealth means a man can do more things for her and social status is also a form of resources in which a man can get favours/special service from those through his social connections.

    The dating game like this. Women use beauty to attract men they deem capable of providing them with a nice life. Men in tern in exchange for sex, most continue to do an upkeep and be in the service of the woman, this also includes being an unofficial body guard (hence why women like height so much).

    • This has been scientifically studied about female behaviour:

      1. Woman will only associate with a man if she deems she can gain benefits from said association. if no benefits can be found then no association will take place.

      2. Women are the ones who control the family

      3. Past benefits a woman received from a man does not guarantee future association if no benefits can be found in the future.

    • yaaaaaaa that's just what happened to me, like she was using me as a temporary replacement when her boyfriend was out on vacation

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  • This is why I tell people not to rush into relationships. As long as you're with the right person, it won't suck. Of course it's not all sugar and rainbows all the time, but it's better than any rushed relationship one could find.

    • What do you determine rushed relationship?

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    • I was looking for a person opinion of an average time frame.

    • @BubbleBoy69 A personal opinion? For my girlfriend and I, it took a few months before we even kissed, until then we saw each other as good/close friends.

  • love now a days only way to tell people i want you for sometime or want something from you.

    finding the right person is the most difficult things. it's better that you only focus on your dreams.


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