Decided to talk to the girl who soon will marry religiously - apologies to her n clear things?

Regarding the previous questions about the girl... I decided to have a quick face to face talk with her?

I have decided to ask the girl (at work) who soon will marry religiously a face to face talk tomorrow If she talks to me first..
I better do it to clear things n to prevent colleagues gossip or think negatively about us... Am sure many of them already thought something happening in between me n the girl. These people r happy bcoz of their negative thoughts.
Also I will apologise to her.
May God help me with it. Make me strong.
Coz I am not there to break her marriage. Instead am very happy that she is getting married..
Also its awkward to not talk at work. Coz some people can lose their work just because of this.
Am thinking of the proper way to tell her these thgs.

What advice you give me?
On the other hand, I couldn't understand why she suddenly asked me about " where u reached with ur proposals..."? We talked this 5months ago when thgs were Normal.. What she really meant n why such question? Do u thk she was testing me or see if I had feelings for her?

I could have joked but I replied" I asked few friends to look for a Moroccan girl for me".

I really am happy for her. I dunno if she will give me the permission to talk about this issue downstairs.. I won't b long. Am emotional about that... I hope this does mean or show I love her..
Is it true for "girl to be married - when a friend uses sweet words with her, it has a different meaning. N when her husband reads such text has a different meaning of it..."
Please advise...


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  • Just move on, forget about her

  • Move on. Don't talk to her. Leave her alone.

  • Dude move on


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