Is it possible to love someone and still totally move on with your life? And I mean really move on?

I think it deepens on each in every different​ person.. and everyone has different ideas on what love is. one of my ex girlfriend who cheated on me belived love is sex while the other believe love is accepting someone for who they are and loving them even if they are poor. all that really matter is the person makes you happy and is. trying to. make a Change in love. anyway point is I think its 10% possible to move on if you still love a ex or even if your still in love with then. I noticed the term move on is throw around a lot.. which pisses me off. I. use to believe moving out meant your not supposed feel anything for a ex and if you then your crazy or haven't moved on. I notice once I truly accepted I may always love my ex. guest what happened? the pain stopped so yea... I got some very bad advcie 2 years ago here. on gag.


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  • Of course

    • some people say you can't I got so many. nad. advice last year... like really really bad

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