Can I spin/rotate new cartilage jewelery?

I got my cartilage pierced again as the first time it was with a gun and completely messed up. (I got it pierced on the other ear though.. just in case.)

I want to know if I can rotate it, so the ring goes in and out kinda thing. I read that I shouldn't so I haven't.. But I tried to not long ago, and it won't budge, Lol. Its not sore at all. Because I had it pierced with a needle this time, So I just wanna know if I should rotate it or not?


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  • As with other cartilage piercings, I would advice against spinning it and instead just moving it side to side a bit. The purpose of this is so that your skin won't heal over your jewelry. With cartilage, if you spin it, it may expand the hole and extend healing time. As long as you're moving it slightly every time you clean it (which should be a few times a day if it's brand new), you should be fine.


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