Ex wants me but..

he has been in a relationship with a girl for three years. I don't know what to do. We both still have strong feelings for each other but he is scared of the "what ifs" if he does. Such as what if me and him don't work out in the end. When asked who he really wants the answer is always me. He said he wants us to work and that he thinks it would but in the mean time knows its not fair to keep me waiting like this. He pretty much said he has feelings for us both which is why he feels like this but knows he would be happier with me. So what do you suggest I do?


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  • I suggest you tell him that he obviously can't have both of you, and if he really wants you then he won't be worry about things not working out in the future. It's not fair for him to keep you waiting, so until he ends things with his current gf, you should step back. If he really wants to be with you, he'll respect your wishes and you two will be able to be together


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