I'm lost and need help currently, how do I go about with this situation?

I've been dating this girl since early December of last year and only recently has she told me she's unsure to continue the relationship. I've asked why and she's said that she feels weird because I got upset when she wanted alone time and she's a little tired of the non-stop communication. This a long distance relationship by the way. So we came to the agreement to take a week break from each other and only a day into it she messages me that she still loves me and wants to be close but she just cannot handle a relation at the moment. (Plus she's unsure about the age difference, which is 4 years apart for a good portion of the year and 3 years for the rest) I still love her and I would love to continue being with her, but I want her to be happy. I just don't know what to do right now...


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  • make things clear. ask her about a timeframe of when she can decide whether to stay together or split it up, or when she can be ready so you will not be waiting for nothing.

    • That's the conversation I'm trying to build myself up to talk about when the *break* is over. I'm very scared

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    • Sorry I was overreacting. I'm a mess. Last night we had a really good talk. I've been a little too stressful but last night showed me something and it's time that I fully trust her and relax

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  • The thing you want to know is, if she wants some time alone, you don't need to be like this, just give her what she want, because if you don't do it, all the time that she takes alone, she would feel sad because you don't like it, and this is a bad thing, she will feel a bit of fear, because she love's you, and the fear is because propably will think that you don't love her like she is, so, if being you is like you are now, maybe if thats a real problem for you, i think you should break up, but the choice is yours.


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  • Give her time. Not only one week. Just give her enough time. If she didn't text you in few days it means that she doesn't like you anymore and she doesn't want to talk to you anymore. All you need is time, and see what happens next.

    • Now she has come to me first like I'm messaging me before I say anything. A couple of days after we started. Out of the blue she messages me telling me good night but then says sorry but I still love you and want to be close with you but I can't handle a relationship at the moment. Because this is technically her first relationship, so I'm giving her time but after. Should I continue to give her some space and slowly help her to build our relationship?

    • Yes you should :D

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  • she want breakup.
    maybe... same happened to me.
    same thing my ex told me. same long distance relationship...
    after one month she told.
    there are no feeling left. love diminished and all. and lefted me broken.
    i am not saying she will do the same.
    but this happened to me.
    you make me remeber of my story. 😟
    i love her still and care to but


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