Move on or Hold on?

Move on or Hold on? Move on or Hold on?

Move on or Hold on?

  • Move on, girl :)
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  • Hold on a bit longer, girl :)
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  • It depends on... (I'll tell you in the comment section)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • i am facing the same problem.
    my hearts say yes my minds says no.
    i feel like two person fighting inside me.
    and i am controlled by those two person.

    i know i loved her truly i still care.
    but í also she is a lesson a cheater or heartbreaker.
    although... i am not going to love anyone again.
    sometimes i think of her. and i know if i get in a relationship then... i sólo continue a flow.
    i am single better.

    • Hey, you're young. We all go through those stupid heartbreaks but you can't give up. That's just one bad experience. One bad girl. Don't judge all of them because of one. I made the poll because

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    • oh... That's pretty bad. You need time to heal, it's okay. Tho, always understand that your happiness and well-being shouldn't depend on any other person but you.

    • i am happy. who told i am not
      my heart love her not me...
      i use my mind more. 😂😂😂 weird but this the truth.

      two person always fight inside me one my heart and one my mind. í am always with my mind.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Move on because you will definitely find someone better. You are just getting closer to finding the one :)


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  • Depends on the situation. My first vote goes to move on, if it can't be fixed, I'll feel sad, but I'll move on. Can't want something back that doesn't work out

    • I wish I could but I just can't. Yea, he isn't perfect but that doesn't change the way I feel about him. Look, we broke up one month ago for "x" reasons (too complicated)... Two weeks after, one of his friends, was telling me how he was trying to get this other girl. (No, he didn't cheat on me) We were our first relationship and we were unofficial together for 4 months and then official for 1. He said he loved me and was falling in love but then everything suddenly changed and after two weeks he likes someone else? Tbh, to me, it sounds like a rebound but then again, I'm the one with the broken heart... I could probably believe anything that could indicate we have a chance.

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    • XD, it's that I'm not really sure. There's theories but I really can't say "We broke up because_____" XD hahaha

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