Wtf is wrong with him and what does he want from me? dealing with a really weird dude?

I met this guy like 5 months ago and he started chatting right off the bat. im currently in school and he's out with an actual. his job seems to always have him going out of town. we aren't exclusive but we talk a lot over text all day ever day. he's older than me and he never really tells me when he's out of town but he's super dry and distant. i can always tell when he's gone because he has 0 interest in me and is super dry and it makes me feel like i did something wrong. he makes no effort to return my texts and leaves me on seen for almost a whole month and then texts me when he's back in town. its like after a certain freeway exit, he drops me.

we talked a lot about deep issues in our lives and im attached so its been really hard for me to move on after constantly wondering what i did wrong that would make him ghost me and it drives me almost insane with insecurity. i dont get that closure i need to move on. yesterday i met someome im interested in and so i decided to pursue it because i finally got enough self respect to move on and all of a sudden when i finally start liking this other guy, last night he decides to text me out of the blue. i left him on seen but despite the fact he's ignored me for 30 days and left me feeling insecure, i still feel guilty for not responding and i feel like ill cave in and end up falling into the same pattern. its like when i start swallowing my pride and decide to take it as a loss, he texts me.

please help. any advice. why is he doing this? this has happened before and im always in this same position where im about to dive right back in. I don't know if i should ignore, confront ot something.


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  • now u keep on see him he will surely come with u n if it happened then for sure he is having one or more affairs


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