Am I wrong for this?

Im not the most handsome guy in the world
neither do i act like it..

my ex is soooo. annoying one of the resones i broke up with her.. she's so concided
and always brags about her "big butt"
she's not that pretty like id say she's ugly now..
and acting the way she does doesn't help her any. also her ass looks big but when naked its flat and gross...

she swears she's the next nicki minaj?
its funny yet sad..

i was going through a rough time and met her on an online dating site... she didn't even look like her pic so i got cat fished u can sayy..
i liked her personality at first..

also one of the first time i met her
she smelled like B. O i was like wtf dont u use deoderant? ahahaaha
thn her sister told her to shower she smells xD ahahahaha

am i wrong for dumpijg her? i jst feel i can do better.. and i just can't be with somone i do. not like... she pisses me off she acts thirsty
and i dont like her.. lol


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  • You were right to dump her because you did not love her and leading her on would just make you a dickhead so you were right to end it

    • ya i dont mean to bash her. but like she post shit on her fb refering to me. like she can do better n jst lame shit. i broke up with her in September and she still on fb refering to me and the break up. also she went through my fone and wen i did the same she wouldn't let me? fuck that bitch

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    • πŸ˜‚she's just a desperate bitch by the way I'm not 35 I'm 16 I put in the dates wrong πŸ˜‚

    • haha its cool. but ya she is... after we broke up we lasted like 2 months lol. i told her im moving to az.

      She FUKKIN transferred colledge to az wtf.
      i toldher im gunna change my number xD

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