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I had a girl bestfriend and her boyfriend was really abusive and controlling and I was always there for her when she needed me. We only live 2 minutes away so I could go and give her a hug and walk home if she needed it. She got in a bad fight with him and they broke up. I went to her house with ice cream to help and some things leaf to another and we ended up having sex. The next couple weeks we were really close and we were talking about being more then Bestfriends. I was probably the happiest I've ever been in my life with her. Then all of a sudden she texted me saying we had to stop everything, she couldn't do anything with me and she just wanted to be friends. I was heartbroken (I've never been in a relationship BTW) I told her I understood and that I was always there for her no matter what. she's now back with her boyfriend and we haven't talked since. I still have the worlds stupidest crush on her. Today she tried talking to me and no words came out of my mouth I just looked at her. I'm crazy for her. I have no idea what to do.


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  • I'm sorry to hear this situation happened. I think your friend was feeling vulnerable and decided to test the waters with her best guy friend, you. After a few weeks maybe she realized it didn't feel right to be involved that way with you, or maybe she had time to think about her relationship and she did what she felt was best.

    You sound like a great guy. Sadly this girl could possibly be keeping you on the back burner as someone to go to when things get tough. She doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about her, otherwise she wouldn't have wanted to be just friends again, even if her boyfriend came back into the picture.
    I really hope your friend isn't using you as a backup plan. She sounds like she is in a way, as she knows you do care a lot about her, and those thing you do for her show that.

    I think you should take it easy and take a break from her for a bit. Take time to be with yourself, and try to distance from her a bit. You cannot put yourself on hold for this girl, or wait around for her to get your hopes up either. You have to think of yourself, and your wants, needs, happiness first. Sometimes it's hard, but ending friendships may be what you have to do to get over her. Then you can move onward and find someone new who will appreciate all those special things like ice cream, having you walk them home, talking with you, and hopefully someone awesome who will want to build not only a friendship but a relationship too.

    I hope everything works out for you.


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