I invited my ex over to my house to visit?

I hadn't talked to her most of the semester but she came across my mind so I gave her a call. She sounded like she was happy to get a call from me and I invited her over and made dinner with her at my place. We joked and had fun but as the night went on she started droning on and on about her best friend and all the bitches she know and it reminded me why we didn't work out.

Then my buddy pops in and asks if I want to have a party and he will invite some girls. Obviously she is right there in the room so I had to think about what to say.

I do like her overall and I would try to work things out if we could, but new girls and the simple fact that one of these girls might want to stay the night at my house sounded better right then. So I said yes to the party and could see the fustration on her face. After that she started to talk about all this stuff she was going to do and how she hoped this guy was hanging around by her house(obviously trying t make me jealous) and I said "oh good , well I will walk you out then." She was p*ssed on the inside I could see but I walked her out like a gentleman and wished her goodnight.

Then I had a Bad ass party. :D

And she called me today to see if we could hang out again.

Girls - I'm sure you think this was a d*** move by me, I even felt a little bad by it. The thing is though it seems to me that by acting like I didn't want her made her want me more...What is that about?

Guys - Ever did anything like this before? Share some insight. Where do I go from here, I'm confused if I should pay more attention or less

> Or should I even want to pay her any mind since I got plenty of numbers from girls at the party who want to hang out.


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  • Once an ex, always an ex.

    "she started droning on and on about her best friend and all the bitches she know and it reminded me why we didn't work out"

    --> well, her friends are bitches. Their influence plays off on her. Therefore, she must be a bitch too, right? Look at how she responded when you kicked her out ... she was bitchy on the inside. And p*ssed because you didn't do what she wanted you to do.

    She wants to hang out again because you're attractive in her eyes. You're an ideal man that does what he wants to do, not what some other chick wants. You're independent and powered by your own decisions. So throwing that party was the best choice and kicking her out to avoid any bullsh*t drama she may have caused. (yeah she would have - she's still emotionally attached to you so she would have gotten jealous of you talking to these other girls)

    My best piece of advice is this - hang out as friends with your ex if you choose to, but give up whatever caring emotions you have for her. Just have fun, don't treat her like sh*t. Stay optimistic. If she treats you badly or messes with your emotions in a negative way, she loses points in keeping the friendship. I personally have guy friends that toil with my emotions sometimes and I'm on the verge of ditching them. Since when do bros bust another bros balls in bringing them down? Isn't that left for the women?

    But anyway, put her butt in the friend zone while you hang out and flirt with new girls. Have fun, party, good times, and make the moves on a new girl you have interest in. Move on and forget the past, do the present and look to the future.

  • It sounds like to me you've gotten yourself into a confusing situation. If your already relising why you may have not worked it out before.. probobly not a good sign.


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