Generally, how do men feel when their woman doesn't want to be with them anymore?

My friend with benefits basically turned into him wanting to be with me, but me not wanting to be with him. I gave him a cutoff date for using messing around and ever since then he's been kind of clingy such as calling a little more, wanting to spend more time with me, holding/cuddling me more, and the sex has been a lot more passionate. He brings up the cutoff date frequently and jokes about it but I can just tell it hurts him to think about not having me anymore. I always tell him we can still be friends (we were friends before being fwb) but he jokingly insists that I won't want to spend time with him anymore. He's not good at verbally expressing his feelings/emotions so he won't directly tell me how he feels. I know not all men feel/think the same but if any of you guys have been through the same or a similar situation tell me how you felt about losing the girl and what was your reaction.


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  • He definitely built feelings for you and he's kind of desparate at this point. He'll probably be really sad but he'll definitely move on.


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