How to stop being curious?

I don't care if my ex has moved on

It just kills me that I don't know what is going on in her life, why she is hanging out with new people, she went on a a vacation... I think she got a new pet, Just so much has changed in her life...

(I guess I wasn't good enough, and she is dating new guys I think)

I really wish I knew everything, I loved her but she broke up with me and I couldn't stay friends.

I still see her quite often as we live near each other...

How can I stop wondering/caring/obsessing? I wish I knew what she is up too...
So I found out she has moved on...

She is dating a guy in the next town over, about 3 hour drive and that explains her Vacations and her changes of habbit.

It's a horrible feeling, she is kissing, cuddling, in love with another guy.

I want to be her boyfriend, not some other guy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • get a life... buy you a new pet, make some new friends... she'll come stalking you once she realizes damn where'd he go? He's living life? having fun? With out me?

    • Omg will she? I wish, but I doubt she cares about me anymore

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  • You do care what she is doing or you wouldn't be going through what you are. The fact that she dates other guys does not mean you weren't good enough. You know why she broke up with you. The fact that she still wanted to be friends speaks well of you. Do you want her to not have any interaction with people? You asked why she is hanging out with new people. The fact that you see her all the time is probably your biggest problem. You need to do what it takes to avoid her because seeing here is killing you. Don't say you can't do this because you can if you want too. What she does in her life is none of your business. You need to realize and accept it. By behaving the way you are, you just keep hurting yourself over and over. It stays fresh. You have the power to make the changes you need to. You need to use it. If you don't, it's a choice you make that keeps you right where you are. Make the decision to do what you need to. When you do, you will find that it gets easier and easier. You can't just do it for a little while. You need to make it permanent or at the very least a long time until you heal.

    • I just feel like I wasn't good enough, I really do. Seeing her with other guys, is hard.

      Our communication wasn't that great, she wasn't honest/open with me... despite being an extrovert... She just would say things are fine, and didn't want to talk about issues/problems. Just wanted to ignore them. Even when things ended she didn't give me a clear reason why, and I have no closure...

      I do see her, maybe it's why I can't get over her, but I don't have a choice sometimes.

      I know It's over, but I wish things would have worked out. I just wish I knew everything about her so I wouldn't over think and maybe find some closure or find something that turns me off of her so I won't care anymore

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    • I just want closure and not to feel this way anymore

    • She is gone. You can't move on and stop feeling like you do until you decide to accept it and go forward. You will find someone else and she may even be better than the old one.

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  • If you loved her so much then why'd you guys break up...


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  • If u follow her on social media just unfollow her. It really comes down to you though. Do you want to get over her and stop wondering about her? Like everyone suggests make new friends, have fun, go to strip clubs with friends (but don't do anything crazy), golf and go dance at night clubs.


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