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my girlfriend the lady that i want to continue my life with have cheated on me. its been 5 years 2 mnths together. we couldnt evolve yet to marrying because I prefer to be economically stable first. she cheated on me from the back once and regrets it a lot. as she said. I love her a lot and wanted to kill myself after knewing. I just couldn't because I'm afraid of her hurting herself after knowing that smthg bad happened to me. I dunno what to do.. we talked a lot and she cried a lot and she want me to stay with her and she promised that she will never do the same mistake again. I'm hopeless and need some help. please what should I do. I love her again just to mention even tho I cried a lot and was desperate and heart and self broken. and of course trust is broken. please help me guys and girls I'm really hopeless and not able to make a decision.


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  • i honestly know how you feel my ex of 4 years cheated on me and i felt as though my world was coming down. he was my 1st love and i saw a future with him but the trust was gone like you have said for yours. I honestly believe that if somebody loved you truly with all their heart they wouldn't EVER cheat. it wouldn't even cross their mind. i walked away with strength and it took years to get over but it taught me so much. if you forgive her so easily she will see you as a door mat she's crying now because she feels guilty in hopes you will rekindle things but you must be strong & learn from this. Walking away will teach her a huge lesson and sure if you see her in a few years & its love again then rekindle and work it out but if you stay right now at this moment in time she has you where she wants you and there is a risk of her doing it again if you forgive her now. Walk away and if in a few years its love then she would of learned her lesson and she would definitely think twice before doing it again as it would of taken her so long to get you back. Know your worth :)


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  • I've been cheated on and I hate to admit it, but I didn't want things to end at the time it happen because my head was all fucked up from being so in love with her. Now that I'm no longer with her I can undoubtedly say I'm so fucking happy I'm no longer with her. Sometimes you don't realize you're in a toxic relationship until you're out of one or don't realize you're with the wrong person until all those chemicals in your brain have died down.

    You're not going to like the advice most people give you, but leaving her is the best thing you can do. She does NOT respect you or the relationship. She's inconsiderate and is only thinking about herself, just like she was the day she DECIDED to have another cock inside her. Think about it, she WANTED that other guy, she wanted him because you weren't good enough for her. She did it because she knew it would make her happy in that moment. She's too immature to even think about how it would effect things long term, she's like a kid in a candy shop. Seriously dude, go out there and find yourself a good girl who loves you, respects you, and is actually mature enough to be in a relationship. Do you really want to be with someone who's always going to put themselves above you? Don't you think you deserve someone that you can trust to be there for you during the tough times? I'm telling you, the moment things get a bit rocky she'll bolt on you because that's just the type of person she is. She's only going to think about what makes her happy right now and will do whatever that is irrigardless to the consequences or how it affects you and the relationship. Have some self respect, you deserve to be with someone that you can trust to be by your side no matter what happens.

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    • guy532 im meeting with her tonight to put things at en end or see what will happen. my heart want her back cz she apologized and won't do it again and she regrets it. but my mind isn't responding to the idea that she cheated on me and i cannot forgive her for that. whatever the reason is. we will meet in a chalet we used to go to have some red wine and talk and let go evrrything we have. once and for all. and leave everything behind. this is not an answrr that im back. but it will help me at least to get over the idea. cz its been 2 days im not able to eat and sleep. maybe it will what do you think

    • and what are the questions i should ask her

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  • First off I know how it feels to be cheated on and really want it to work. But I think you should let her go. Johnny Depp said "that if you like to people go with the second because you never would have liked the second if you liked the first". If your girlfriend truly cared about only u shouldn't have cheated. But it not only black and white I don't know everything about the relationship so u also have to feel your way through it and do what u think is best for the both of u. Maybe take a break and see how u feel after. I hope everything works out.😊


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