Getting back with my ex, I need help?

me and my ex was living together & had broke up cause we argue a lot (we made mistakes) and I decided to leave to get a breather but when I tried to come back she didn't want me to, she said she had somebody else but she is always talking me to me. she wanted to be friends and I told her I couldn't be friends with her cause I have a lot of feeling for her and I love her so I haven't talk to her in almost a week then she started to reach out for me blowing up my Facebook messenger and told my friend for me to call me so now we are talking causally and lord knows I want to ask to be with her or ask to visit but I know I can't,, (that is up to me ex) but I'm asking for advice to get her back, I live in New Jersey and my ex is in Ohio, I miss her and love her a lot (my name is STEVE)


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  • She might have moved on

    • But she always hit me to see how Iam doing and even change my name to a kiss on fb

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