How can I get her back? (I am in a complicated situation)

My girlfriend asked me to give her space I guess for 3 months now..

at first I was shocked with the decision and desperately tried to talk it out but she her decision was final. I agreed and gave her time... I missed a lot of important events in her life during these times.. The reason she gave me was that the feeling just died... I underwent a depression before to the breakup and she tried to pull me up.. and she did.. when everything was back to normal.. that's when she broke up with me...

These are the things that are happening to us:

+We text sometimes... Last night we conversed through texting..

+She told me last night that she likes the feeling of just being friends because there are no worries...

+She said that she is in love with another guy (or infatuated)

+ I never directly told her that I want her back...

+we lasted for over 1 and a half years...

+As of now we are just friends...

+I Love Her more than anything else... even myself...

+I know she loved me before...

Please... I need help.. I need her back... I need her because I love her...

What advice can you give me? How can I pull this one off...

I am afraid that she might leave me completely...

All your answers would be honored... thank you.

+She is a bittersweet kind of girl... strong... yet gentle when you know her well... tough... she likes having crushes but not really in love.I think she is just bluffing about falling in love with another guy..
maybe she is just bluffing to let me know she moved on What can I do? How will I txt her? how will I tell her I want her back without letting her take it negatively...? Do I still need to let her ignore her to make her miss me?
also we are on a long distance relationship... She studies in a different university... we never had a problem about it... because we know it helps us to grow... but right now... we rarely talk..i know its a good thing but I am just a little worried
that she might get tired of the silence and endanger my chances... Well... I know its a great risk to make... I could have her once more or its the end of the line...but at least.. I tried...because I know it could still work.. Your advices will truly
Hope you still continue to guide and enlighten me... Thanks guys.. I still got more work to do and you are going to guide through it..hehe.. thanks a lot guys...


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hi,

    I am sorry to say this, but I think you became just a friend for her!

    you said she told you she likes someone!

    she definitely look for someone else!

    my advice wait, if you are always near her, try to get some distance, and give what ever reason!

    to make her feel your absence, if she calls and texts all the time, this means she still love you!

    but if she ignores you, know that you are just a friend to her!

    if it's positive then try to do a move!

    but if it's negative! Then forget about her and stay far of her I guess it's better for you, you might find someone else!

    good luck!

    • Thank you for such an honest answer... I actually did disappear for 3 months..not completely of course..she usually txts me from time to time (not always)... and my replies are usually simple and it sometimes make her laugh... the only problem is she always leave first... I guess I have to disappear again... is there anything else I should do before going cold again?

    • Hi,

      You already did too much! I think it's time for you to move on, I know it's hard, but if keep your self near her you will be hurt more!

      know that she is the one to loose, she lost a person who loved her sincerly, may be one day when it's too late she will know!

      bytheway have you ever asked a girl on a date after your break with her, she might get jalous ;)

      you can try, and enjoy ;)

What Guys Said 1

  • First off you say you can't live without her but you also say: "+ I never directly told her that I want her back...". Pick up the phone call her and get her to meet up with you. This has to be done in person. Before you meet up with her write down all the reasons you should get back together and why you guys are great together. Be realistic in what you put down bro cause honesty start within yourself. When you guys meet up play it cool but tell her how you feel and keep that list in the back of your head as a reference on what to say. Don't wing it cause you might forget or she might throw you off. See where it goes man. If she wants to be with you she will be.

    If it doesn't work out well you have to do yourself a favor and cut all ties! No texting or calling. That'll drive her crazy and make her really think about what she's doing because you might just be way to available. Either way you gotta keep your sanity man!

    Above all else though your young man! High school girls are one thing but when you get to college those girls are gonna blow your mind! Love hurts but sorry to say this isn't the last time this is gonna happen to you! Learn what you can from it and move on. Be happy it happened and maybe one day you guys can be really good friends.

    • Thanks for the help dude.... I mean..really.... I appreciate it man... but we have one more update I forgot to tell you... (just look at the updates) and with regards of the age and sanity.. I am not actually under 18.. I kinda pressed the wrong date... I am in 2nd year college.. and the sanity.. I went insane when she told me that the first time..but I learned to cope with I am cool.... and ready to try us out again.... t

    • Also... what will I do if she never agrees to meet with me?.. oh yeah... since we broke up I never txted her..e-mailed her, and called her although sometimes she asks how I was doing and I replied as simple and cool as I could.... and that's for 3 months...

    • Man you guys are long distance as well!?!? come on man help me help you. Your trying to hold on to something that you can't even physically touch! Be happy its long distance and you don't have to see her! Be happy you tried ur best but it didn't work so move on. There are plenty of cute girls within a mile radius from you I'm sure! Its hard when we let our guard down trust me I know. I'm learning a lesson myself and the only thing I can really tell you is don't let it consume you man. Life's short!

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