How to overcome obsession with a one-sided love?

I am obsessed with a guy... He isn't ready for relationship... I took one year break from all contacts with him... N each day was terrible... I used to feign writing letters to him in my personal diary to console myself.. I tried dating another guy of the same name... Bt nothing worked.. It killed me from inside.. Yesterday aftr an year we talked.. N he asked me to stop this drama n consult a psychiatrist... M totally understand... how do I handle myself?


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  • you gonna repeat your love with someone else

    • didn't get that?

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    • he was absent during that entire one year... else how? please elaborate...

    • I think I'm unable to make you comprehend it

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  • I think you tried a lot on your own already. like writing letters and such. but maybe you should ask people close to you. it might be a little uncomfortable, but they could help you. talk to them and get them involved. they might have additional ideas you haven't thought of yet.

    • tried that as well... everyone says "forget him"... bt hw?

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    • You're right it is, he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. He is the one who ended it. if he told you to stop already, he's no longer interested in you. unless you change, and let him go. His view of you isn't going to ever change. you're gonna have to work on being ok to let him move on, so you can too

    • i just don't know how to... nyways let's see... n thanks for your support...

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