What makes a *mature* guy come back after he's broken up with a girl?

If a guy breaks up with a girl, like my boyfriend did, its usually for good. But you see couples getting back together all the time? What's the deal with that?

My insecurities caused him to get frustrated and break things off. He didn't suggest a break, or say he needed space, just that he's tired of dealing with the relationship and just wants to be friends. I tried not to badger him and break down and annoy him with begging texts/calls etc.,(and I was doing well but slipped up a little after a few drinks..) but I did send him a very detailed (but certainly not begging/whining/emo) email expressing my feelings about things and subtlety saying I know what made him make this decision, and I see the problems that led up to it clearly now, and that they would be easy to fix (on my part.) I want him back in the worst way, I really loved him.

Guys, what would make you come back to a girl after something like this? How often do you regret it, or do you not?

What is the best thing a girl can do after she's been dumped to make him think twice about his decision? Avoid all contact? Please be as brutally honest as you need to be.


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  • Disappear on him. Don't call him or contact him in any way. He doesn't want to know that your thinking of him. He already knows. That's why he isn't calling you.

    I want you to do me a favor. Do nothing. You won't make the situation worse and you won't make it any better. Move on and do what your head tells you. You two broke up for a reason and until you move on and reflect on the past relationship, you"ll recongize where the relationhship went wrong. You will then learn from this and apply it to your next relationship. You are going to learn a lot about yourself during this time. So pay attention to your thoughts and behavior.

    Once, you have forgotten about him and moved on like I just mentioned. He is gonna show up. Then you come back at me and say what now? Until then. Do nothing.

    Don't wait around for a guy. Use this time to find happiness alone, before you try to find it with someone else.

    • Im trying very hard to move on. It isn't easy, obviously.

      I appreciate your honest answer, but frankly I feel anything I'm doing is in (false?) hope of him missing me and coming back.. I know that were it not for my insecurities, we would still be together.

  • i broke up with my girlfriend she was soooo jealous never would trust me after 8 months, complained when I chilled with a friend,she told me she loved me wanted kids but all to soon and was too fast she was 29 with a kid I'm 23, she drove me crazy and I left but I miss her so much I went back a month ago, now she's all hesitant to take me back, no contact is he route I gotta take I think the most space I gave was 4 days so I dunno


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