My ex-girlfriend (19YO) friendzoned me (22YO) after 2 years, starting to date someone (30YO) after 2 weeks. Should I go no contact?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years (which is pretty rare at our age I believe). We had a strong relationship but after a fight about the fact that I'm not feeling alright about spending time with a guy who loves her (30YO), she broke up with me and went with the guy anyway. They're not official but they're dating.

After our breakup, she loves me but that she wants me to be her friend. She keeps telling me that she doesn't want me to leave because it would destroy her and she will suffer from it. I told her that it's not what I want from her, that I want to be something more, that I want her back, but kept texting her and she still answers my text. If I don't, she's the one texting me. After only one day not talking to her, she was commenting my pictures on Facebook. Then she choose to be with him anyway.

The thing is the dude does NOTHING for her. Even as a friend, I do better than him. He's always working in a grocery store as an assistant-manager, not takeing day off for having some time with her. She's already talking to me about some problems with her new guy because he's living with room mates. She keeps talking to me about him ''by accident''.

She keeps asking me if I'm okay, if I sleep well (because I don't since the breakup). If I need to talk to someone that I have her.

But here's the thing : I keep doing the same job as I used to do when I was with her but she's dating him and he's doing NOTHING for her. She asked me to tell her if I have a girlfriend and stuff like that.

As a first serious relationship for me and her, I think she just wanted to go somewhere else to see if the grass was greener. She feels guilty for doing that to me and still love me... She keeps telling me that sometimes, she doesn't sleep well because of it.

She still sleeps with my t-shirts, having all our relationship stuff in her room and thinks about me. But I want her back and I will do anything for that. Should I go no contact for 2-3 weeks?


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  • Drop her man you're going to get hurt


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