Why is my ex boyfriend acting hold & cold? Can we be friends again?

My ex and I were really close friends before we started dating. I was hesitant about starting a relationship bc we were about to go study abroad in different countries for 2 months but he pushed for it & believed that we could make it work. We did but he was still insecure because I wasn't very affectionate & often asked me where the relationship was going, what he meant to me, etc. After 8 months he wanted a break bc he felt like his feelings were one-sided, I only saw him as a friend, maybe we wanted different things & time apart would be good. I agreed but decided after 2 weeks that I didn't like an indefinite break, so we broke up. He pushed for us to remain friends (he could hang out & come over to my place bc he still enjoyed my company). Then 1 week later he wanted to cut contact so I deleted him from all my social media. But at a mutual friend's party 1 month later, he kept trying to get my attention even when I tried to ignore him to make sure I had a safe ride home. We saw each other again after 2 months, I said hi first. We caught up, joked around, teased each other. He was still very emotionally open & unguarded with me. I told him that i was planning a trip & he said to reach out to him if I had questions. Then we ran into some of my friends & he made it obvious to them that we had a history, & even video snapchat us (I only found out bc mutual friends asked about it). He gave me a ride home & told me it was nice talking to me again, asked if I were doing ok (yes), and said that we should catch up again, I just said "uh" so he backpedaled & said "oh maybe not". I fb messaged him 2 weeks later to meet up & ask about the trip but he didn't reply. But then at another mutual friend thing a week later, he came up to me & asked how the trip planning was. It's been 4 months since we broke up, honestly I miss being friends & hanging out w/ him but I'm scared that he doesn't want the same. Should I try to reestablish a friendship?
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What Guys Said 2

  • I treat my last relationship as she died to me the day she decided to break up... best decision ever... now, even my friends treat her by "the deceased one" whenever conversation about her arises.

  • bad idea!


What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes its not always a good idea to be friends with exes. Sometimes it works out but not always. It's better to just move on and not try to be friends.


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