Should I just give up? Please help ( kinda long)?

So me and a friend (girl) have been friends in the past online and she and I kinda fell for each other and sadly (regreatably) we did some bad things online and I told her I didn't feel right. This was when she liked me a lot, I then blocked on snap but she said she'd be there for me. I snapped her when I was in my darkest hour and she replied... we talked now she has a boyfriend and I'm happy for her, but sometimes ill say something that she and him don't believe is right. Aka "if he is playing on his computer and not paying attention to you wtf" and she'll defend him. Then she'll say bye and ttyl and is constantly blaming me... I have no idea what to do cause she's there for me and I crawl back to her essentially but she pisses the hell out of me... Ideas?


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  • bad relationship and now she has a man she obviously likes... time to move on and not contaminated her relationship with her new lover. you need to think before you text negative comments in the future


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