Will it hurt my kids dad in court for not letting me see my children till we go to court?


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  • From a relationship coaches perspective, it depends on a few factors:

    1) Why isn't he letting you see them? Meaning, what would he tell the court if/when he was asked why he didn't let you. Would his reason be valid to the courts? For instance (and I'm not saying you're doing this) would he try to prove that you seeing them would pose a danger to them?

    2) Do you have a court appointed or personally hired child's psychologist that would/could assess and testify to the damage the lack of visitation has done to the kids?

    • 1) He lied to dss and said my father shot my son with BB gun when it was a need gun we have from that dss found everything unsubstantiated

      2) no I do not have a court appointed psychiatrist for my children and how do I go about getting one

    • Check with your local family services office and they should be able to help.

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  • At the very least the court will mandate that you get to see them. Your individual circumstances will determine how that will work out.

    • What do you mean by circumstances? Please explain these

    • They look at things like income, work stability and hours, home environment, parental behavior (like are either of you doing drugs or alcoholics sort of thing), etc... Basically what kind of life are each of you providing for the children.

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  • Well if he has league custody of them no and if he there biologic dad then the police can't force him to let you see them. You only option is to fight for your kids in court.

    • Neither one of us have custody. And he's only biological to one of them

    • then the one he non biological too he has no right to keep the child away from you. so really that kidnapping if you want to take it that far.

  • you mean your husband?

    • No my kids father we were never married we were together for 7 years

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    • It would take me two days to type what happened to start this

    • well then dont do that. its just that. if its your fault in this, then court will not look down on him, otherwise it will

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