What to do if your ex girlfriend is scared of you even if your the least scariest thing in the world?

so I've been told my ex still has hard feelings about the break up, she dumped me August 26 2016
the first couple of weeks i begged and pleaded asking to win her back, her answer was no.
its been 4 month maybe 5 since i last spoke to her, i miss her so much, i still remember the very first words we spoke before we started dating. we were dating for a year and a half prior.

pretty much what happened was that she said i was jealous, insecure, demanding, possessive, always keeping tabs on her, depressed, and making her my world was too much so she was done.

lately I've caught her taking quick glances at me in school and she purposely tries to avoid me. it seems completely impossible to win her back but she was my first love and no matter how much i try i can't find a better one then her. with how she got together with me a week after she broke up with her previous ex it surprised me that she hasn't even tried dating anyone else yet. id like to ask for advice on this, i don't want to give up but i don't want to push and ruin it when someone could have a legitimate answer. please anything i will take


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  • Move on. In fact take this time to work in yourself.

    I'm sure both you and your ex made mistakes, but the reasons you mentioned to trigger her leaving are serious.

    No amount of comforting or reassuring will convince a person they are loved if they don't believe they are worthy of love themselves.
    This doubt of worth often leads to insecurity and jealousy.

    Short story, you won't be able to trust any girl if you don't think you are worth being with.
    Don't worry or focus on getting a girl before dealing with this. Talking with a trusted adult or counselor is a good place to start.

    • Thank you. But that's exactly what I've been doing I'm no longer any of those issues in a better me but even if she accidentally. Gets close to me she gets ticked off and is purposely trying to avoid me

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