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A guy that I used to mess around with , ended up going back to his ex girlfriend. He ended up marrying her as well. Why does he keep asking our mutual friends for my number? Its to the point that they are so annoyed with him asking, that they won't give him my number. I got his number today. I text him with a simple hello , I told him it was me . But he never replied back . What's up with that ? Why go around asking for my number and then when I text you you don't reply ?


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  • WOW, you're really over thinking this...helloooo any body home, he's married, I'm guessing he's to bizzy banging his wife to text you back, don't worry when he's done, he'll call you up and try to bang you too... you deserve better then this and I can tell it's still wearing on your mind just let him go. you don't need that kinda drama...not unless you enjoy it..:0

  • It could be anything, maybe he found someone else to hook up with, or he might get back to you later or maybe she found the message and deleted it ...


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