When you meet someone online?

whats some good questions to ask them?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Are you really the age you say you are?

    2. Is that really your picture?

    3. Where are you?

    4. What's it like there?


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1. is that really your f***ing profile pic?

    2. are you f***ing married?

    3. do you have any kids?

    4. are you physco?

    5. do you like to eat human flesh?

    6. do you ever dream of killing baby squirrels

    7. have you ever had an STD?

    8. do you have AIDS? (or HIV for the smatter folks)

    9 have you ever been convicted of a crime?

    10. have you ever spent time in jail or prison, if so were you someone's B!tch?

    I have more if you want them :)

    • Lol you should have included the word f***ing in every question .

      Do you have any f***ing kids?

      Are you f***ing physco? etc....

    • I thought about it, but I thought it might be a little to much :)

  • 1. what time is it where you are?

    2. what's the weather like there?

    3. what's your name?

    Heyyy I know I know. Remember the old icq days...a/s/l?

    ...nah I'm kidding. None of these.


What Girls Said 2

  • are you a pedophile?

    • Lol or are you gonna kill me?

  • well when I talk to people I just meet, I do 20 questions

    I ask you answer , then I answer my own question

    Then you ask, & no one can ask the same question

    it actually works really well & by the 5 question we start to forget that its a game


    • Wow some girl on here did this to me too. I guess this game is popular on this website.

    • Good idea! makes it less awkward

    • ;) It realllly helps

      I thought it would make things weird cause it s sort of silly,but it really is not, I guess because, you still talk bout w/e you want..........

      I have made like 15 GOOD friends that I really like to talk to & do talk to, for hours & I relate to them..

      i can always tell, hen the guy asks about sex first or second question, he never sticks past the 5 or 7 question lol

      I guess it is like each question is a date to them, so they ask about sex on the 3rd question / date lol

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