What to do if a wife hid her multiple sexual past from her virgin husband before marraige and also she keeps in touch with her exes?

And meets them outside and even brings them home. However one of them one day he found out about her past and her being still close with her exes, on asked she says they are no more her boyfriends and only good friends now? Is is honouring or disrecpecting to the husband? Is the wife here ri8? I hope so... instead husband is a fool who can't grow up and let her enjoy her modern lifestyle like still having open relations with her exes and spending more time with them as they are more important to her ghen her husband coz its they who came to her life first and well used her and made bought her to this great situation. As some people says that in marraige only love matters n past is past. So she should give love to her husband and the other things (sex, care, time, etc) to others.


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  • Now if she is really still hanging out with exes that is a different story and certainly needs to be addressed. Maybe divorce if you haven't been married long


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  • She is totally wrong. She is totally taking advantage of and being unfaithful to her husband and no "new, great, modern, let's-be-stupid-to-show-how-free-and-independent-we-are-as-females-and-cause-tons-of-unnecessary-trouble-feminist-sh**" twist changes that. It is one thing to hide her past. People make mistakes and tell lies. That is not fair to the virgin husband. But still meeting with the exes, that is totally unacceptable and he would need to tell her he knows, tell her he does not approve and will not stay married to her if she is going to betray their marriage. If he loves her and is understanding, and wants to make it work, he can draw a line in the sand and say, "No more!" That would be generous, and kind and the guy would be being so incredibly good and faithful, but if he says that he can't, he does not deserve flack for it. This guy needs to be assertive and take control.


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  • They're not taking advantage of her, she is lovin' it
    I can't believe how a virgin man as you said before can marry such experienced woman
    She's so used to have sex with multiple men
    I'm not judging if she really loves her man or if she's a good person or not
    But she has a big libido and maybe her husband (based on your details) can't satisfy her

    • Absolute chance of that... but what should he do now having said that?

    • Well.. divorce is something to count but it's highly unlikely
      The problem is that he married her on the first place
      If he's in love with her I don't think he can divorce her that easily
      But I think the best thing to do is the divorce
      Because she won't let her high libido behind her in a magical way
      And he won't handle the idea of living with her after what she did

  • This is why you date for at least two years, and then live together for 2 more before marriage so you can weed these bad people out and never marry someone like that.


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