Girls, why is she going out of her way to make me jealous?

For the first many weeks of my ex's new relationship, there was nothing. No contact. Then she sent me a cryptic pic on snapchat to which I replied. She seemed very happy that I texted, and we texted back and forth for two hours. She complained about her life to me, that she was unhappy where she was studying and stuff like that. She's very interested in modeling, and since I'm a model myself, she asked if she could join one of my shoots to help out. I was a bit surprised, but agreed.

I had second thoughts about letting her come over to my job, but since the shoot was postponed, I told her about it and said I would "let her know when it'll be rescheduled."

I was very confused as to why she would complain about her life to me, especially since she had a new boyfriend, and why she wanted to meet up for that shoot like never before. But then this whole thing REALLY confused me.

I was getting DIRECT snaps from her on snapchat. FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. One was with her boyfriend when they were faceswapping, the second was with her boyfriend repairing a toilet, the third one was one where she was laying next to him, and the fourth one was… with him laying in bed with the caption "oh how could I not love him?"

They weren't on her Story, they were sent DIRECTLY to me. I sensed that she wanted a reaction out of me, but ignored it.

Then, some days later, I sent a group snap and she was one of the recipients and then I received direct snaps from her with a selfie, then her laying in bed, then another random one. I didn't react to that and the day after I receive yet ANOTHER SNAP OF HER SUPPOSED BOYFRIEND.

What is up with her? Why is she so desperate for me to see her relationship? And why did it begin right after I cancelled that meeting with her?


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  • Maybe she still has feelings for you and wants to see if you still care.

    • What makes you say that?

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    • I think she still likes you because that's a really good point. Why would she just waste her time attempting to make you jealous if she doesn't care. That's stupid

    • She did it again just now. She's REALLY trying.

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