Need advice!!! My boyfriend is upset at me because I wouldn't let him babysit my child. I decided it would be better for the other parent 2 babysit?

My boyfriend thinks I'm siding with my ex. And I said it was mine and the fathers choice to who babysits the child. So now it's turned into a break up almost over this. Along with some kinda disagreement about the usage of data on my phone, because some how me not wanting to use all the shared data to download shit for a ps4 is my fault. Well I was like I'm sorry I only pay half the bill so I can't use the everyone's data, I can only use mine. I don't feel it's right for me to use everyone elses data and be an asshole. Wtf? Is this not stupid.


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  • What?

    • We had an argument over him not getting to babysit my child. Then it turned into another argument pissing match over the damn phones data plan. Like we said horrible things to one another and are going to break up after a year. Over babysitting and data plan on a phone cause he thinks I'm siding with my ex and putting the boyfriend down.

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    • Well I was a choice between the child's father and me. I was ok with it for an hour for a work thing, but the father was not happy about it. The boyfriend has never babysitted my child before so I decided that this time would not be a good idea. I look at it like both parents should be in agreement.

    • That's what I tried to explain was the fact that he is father to the kid and we are just trying to make a decision that both can be happy on. I also in the heat of the arguements told him I'm sorry but you are not the father to my child his dad is his father. Then apparently he said that is unfair and doesn't feel like him spending time with the kids is beneficial to him or the child. Then I said that makes no sense.

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  • Yeah it's stupid I wouldn't let my boyfriend babysit my baby alone either


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