Is an ex getting closer to you bizarre after they just started dating?

My situation is really complicated, but it boils down to my ex girlfriend and I share our core friends, so we see each other often, and we broke up 2 months ago from a 4 month long relationship. I was the one who was dumped and I gave use 3 weeks of space. It feels like we've been playing mind games with each other since I came back into the picture.

Just yesterday though my ex started being really flamboyant on her twitter about dating a new guy. I thought it was a little direct and it stung because I know we broke up because I was insecure and I wanted to give us another try, but she can do what she wants. For what it's worth I never vocalized that I wanted to get back together, I was trying to build up to it and feel out the situation since I could never understand her feelings between all the hot and cold moments. The problem is she made a few attempts to talk to me last night too. Nothing serious, just offhand comments directed at me in a group text chat that she expected me to respond to. It's not a DM or text, but she hasn't talked directly to me out of the blue with no purpose since we broke up, so I'm just baffled about why she'd do it now of all times.

Why is she taking steps towards me when she just started dating? I was expecting the cold shoulder for awhile and that makes sense to me. I think she's a bit conflicted about me, but I also think she's really into this guy (physically anyways), so I don't think she wants a relationship with me again. It's putting me on edge and it's making me want to create more space.


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