How long should I wait to contact my ex bf?

He broke up with me in person I guess it was his way of closure with me. But I never got closure from my side. It's been 2 months of NC and we haven't talked to each other till now. He has been trying to get my attention through Facebook, Snapchat. But nevertheless, I have tried to move on and I just can't. Is it ok to reach out to him so I can get my closure or whatever that is he wants?


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  • why he broke up with you in the first place?
    knowing why is very important

    • Well first some girl said bad things about me and we had fights over it because it was all lies and he didn't even confront me on that we had many misunderstandings and he gave me some bullshit reason to break up with me. now he is playing mind games trying to gain my attention through social media.. I am not sure what to do

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    • that's what I was trying to tell you from the beginning
      but you kept telling me that he might totally forget about you
      so go for it and see what will happen, text him something

    • It's been 2 months. Is there any hope in my situation? I don't wanna lose him by texting him. I honestly want him to come back to me on his terms.. since he dumped me.

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  • It doesn't matter what your ex needs or wants, right now, it's about you. What do you need. Do you need to get closure? Do you need more NC? Do you need to be able to yell at him and say, I can't believe you let some other girl's lies break us apart, why didn't you believe me, why didn't you have faith/trust in me? Do you need to have a little ritual, throw all the stuff he gave you away and then eat a tub of froyo? People need different things to get over their relationship. Sometimes all they need is NC and time, lots and lots of time. What do you think would help you, and then do that. If meeting him again doesn't help you get closure and makes it worse for you, don't do it, even if he wants to meet. Do what you need to get over him. Closure is really just, knowing that it's over and then moving on.


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  • i personally think its to late for all that


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  • Don't wait if you want to star again.


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