Can I forgive his cheating?

I recently found out that 11 years ago my husband cheated on me with another woman. At the time we weren't married or even engaged and he was away at uni, but even so we were together in a long term relationship and I feel very betrayed. I had suspicions at the time as well which always led to an argument when I questioned him about things.

They had sex and it went on for about a year. He says it was a mistake he regretted and he allowed it to fizzle out when he left uni cos he decided he wanted a future with me. 2 years later we got engaged.

I dispute the fact it was a mistake as it went on too long and was like a relationship. She was married and pregnant when he started seeing her too! I feel like he settled for me but he says he always wanted me which is why never broke up.

We now have 3 kids and have been married 7 years, he swears it was a one off and it was so long ago. How do I get past it?
Can I forgive his cheating?
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