Was this a valid enough reason to break up?

I broke up with my serious girlfriend earlier today, on not-so-good-terms. We did have a great relationship on the whole, but she had this really annoying habit of comparing me to her exes. Not referring to sexual stuff here. But whenever we had a difference of opinion or an argument, she used to pick ONE specific trait of one of her exes (which she assumed was better than mine), and go on about how THEY would have handled it compared to me (indicating they'd have done better).

I did make it clear to her, on several occasions, that comparing me to her exes is NOT acceptable to me, because all humans have their flaws and no one is perfect. During one such argument earlier today, I totally lost it, told her to get back to one of her exes if she thinks they are better than me, and walked out in a huff. I then blocked her numbers and emails, and don't want to have anything to do with her anymore.

Was I being too harsh? Please note that breaking things off is more of a loss to me than her because she is an attractive woman who has a lot of options anyway, and can get anyone she wanted. Me, on the other hand, is an average looking, socially awkward man who only has kindness and compassion to offer (which means majority of women wouldn't want me anyway). Still, I don't regret breaking up with her.


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  • Any reason really. If you don't want to date some one. That's all the reason you need

    • I know, but pleas do go through the description once. I am not the kind of person to treat relationships 'casually' an dump people just because I got bored of them.

    • I read the description the first time and you shouldn't have waited as long as you did. For her to always compare you was vile.

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  • Sounds reasonable to me. Probably wouldn't have waited as long as you.

    • Yes, I did wait too long. And that made the emotional bond stronger, which means it's much harder to get over her. But I value my self respect more than anything else.

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  • She is the same as me i compare my ex i and my boyfriend aruge about cause lack communicate and spending time, we LDR. Now i having problems with him cause he didn't admit he hafa child which i snooped in his wallet to see when he sleeping.

    • Then YOU have reason to break up with him. As for me, I never had a child, and I never indulged in casual sex at all.

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  • Do you want to date her? If not, thats your reason


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