How should I break up with my boyfriend?

I feel like a huge scumbag because I've been with this guy for almost 8 months and I don't love him. I fell out of love at least 6 months ago. I stay with him because he loves me and so do his friends and family. I also am starting to develop feelings for another guy but I am smart enough not to cheat. I would feel like an asshole to break up with him. How can I break up in a polite way?


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What Guys Said 1

  • be honest with him

    • I would seem like such an asshole if I told him that I fell out of love months ago

    • say you were trying to get back in again and give yourself and him another chance but you couldn't

    • it's worse if you keep leading him on

What Girls Said 2

  • tell him he is great but you just don't feel the way he feels , you wish u did bc he is amazing , and u hate that this is happening.

  • Just do, be honest.
    Thats the most fair way.

    • But I'd look like such a jerk...

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    • If I lie to him and find a cliche break up line then no I won't seem like a jerk

    • umm no, you would be even worse
      just be honest

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